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Two thumbs up for the SFD.

The National Student Food Drive (SFD) is coming up!  This will be the Food Bank’s second year of involvement, and we’re excited to add new schools.

This morning I discovered the SFD Blog.  It’s a good read, and it’s great to see how many high school students across the country are participating.

We’ll have more info as the kick-off nears.


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24,000 more

are living in poverty in Arizona since 2006.  Get more facts here.  Arizona’s poverty rate is above the national average of 12.5 percent, and the number is expected to keep growing.

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Hundreds were evacuated. The Food Bank answered the call.

Watch the Channel 3 news clip here.

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Empty pockets never held anyone back. Only empty heads and empty hearts can do that. ~ Norman Vincent Peale

Brought to you by: ~Melody~

A clear answer for poverty may not and may never exist. The poor may always be us and be among us. But that’s no excuse for apathy.

Check out Blog Action Day.  Click here.

Register. Put it on your calendar. Then write about it.

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Did you notice the links on the right? If so, have you clicked on any of them?

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Check out the Food Bank on MySpace and Facebook.  So here’s what we need you to do:

  • Friend us.
  • Become a fan of our page.
  • Start a cause.  And then make sure you tell everyone you know.  Don’t forget to tell everyone you know to tell everyone they know.

It’s a short list, but it will make a huge difference.

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It’s peanut butter and jelly time.

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Filming for the Food Bank video continues, this time at Glendale Community Center at 54th Avenue and Ocotillo.  Glendale Community Center is one of 27 sites in the Valley that partners with the Food Bank for the Kids Cafe® program.

Of those receiving emergency food in Arizona, 41 percent are children and seniors. The mission of Kids Cafe is to alleviate childhood hunger in Arizona by providing nutritious meals in a safe, accessible and nurturing environment to children at-risk of hunger…because no child deserves to go to bed hungry.  Click here to learn more about the program.

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Arizona ranks second. But not in a good way.

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Records keep climbing, both nationally and here in Arizona.  During  the month of July, according to,

Arizona ranked second for the most filings per 1,000 households at 54.9. Nevada was No. 1 at 59.1. Florida and California came in third and fourth.

Read the full article here

Demand for the Food Bank’s services has increased 20 percent over the same time last year.  Those utilizing our services may not be the people you expect.  The common misconception is only the homeless visit food banks and soup kitchens.  In reality, those seeking assistance at our locations and those of our partner agencies are people like you and me, trying to make ends meet in a difficult time.

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