Arizona ranks second. But not in a good way.

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Records keep climbing, both nationally and here in Arizona.  During  the month of July, according to,

Arizona ranked second for the most filings per 1,000 households at 54.9. Nevada was No. 1 at 59.1. Florida and California came in third and fourth.

Read the full article here

Demand for the Food Bank’s services has increased 20 percent over the same time last year.  Those utilizing our services may not be the people you expect.  The common misconception is only the homeless visit food banks and soup kitchens.  In reality, those seeking assistance at our locations and those of our partner agencies are people like you and me, trying to make ends meet in a difficult time.


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  1. I agree on most of what you had to say. If I may add that the new FHA bill passed by congress and signed by the president should help a lot of distressed homeowners

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