Think Before You Throw

Brought to you by: Hazel, Food Bank web site and design guru


I recently visited a large self-serve, all-you-can-eat soup and salad restaurant. I really enjoy going there because not only do they offer the best salad bar, but they also carry a variety of other foods and yummy treats. I met up with a friend and we sat down and enjoyed a great dinner and conversation while enjoying the night’s breeze on the patio.


Toward the end of our meal, a very sweet and polite waitress came over carrying a basket of sweets. She asked us if we would like to enjoy their freshly baked goodies.  Normally I would have passed on this tempting offer, but I thought maybe I could take one and save it for later. After accepting her offer, she proceeded to empty the rest of her basket on an empty plate while explaining how happy she was I was taking the rest of the treats.


Apparently the restaurant is very proud to offer fresh food and is the employees are required to throw away any and all food that is over 25 minutes or older! I suddenly felt punched in the gut! Working for a Food Bank this is obviously a very sour subject for me and I was floored to learn how easily food was disposed of by this company.


My nice relaxing evening suddenly turned into a massive brainstorming mission of how do we encourage and motivate companies to think before they throw? What steps are needed to inform not only this company but across the nation, across the world, that waste is not acceptable while people in our backyards are living day to day wondering where their next meal will come from.


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