An Inspirational Interview

Brought to you by Cynde C, St. Mary’s Food Bank Director of Community Relations

I love doing interviews with our agencies, donors and volunteers. They all have such wonderful, warm hearts that talking to them reenergizes me in my job at the Food Bank. Friday morning, I headed up to Deer Valley and 15th Avenue to do another one of these uplifting interviews, but the story of inspiration that was related to me made it stand out from all of the stories I have written. 

When you meet Linda Larson you are first struck by her beautiful smile and positive personality. You can see why her fitness training business has been so successful. You feel good about yourself just being around her.

We had talked on the phone a couple of times to discuss the food drives she has held for the Food Bank in the past. And, we have seen each other in person (a rarity for most PR people – we live on the phone) at events, etc. Her warmth was so inviting; it was easy for us to talk about her story. You would think we had known each other for a while.

Elite Health & Fitness has been going strong for two years and Linda doesn’t intend to stop there. She has physical therapy facility opening in January and an occupational therapy facility is on the horizon, as well as an idea for a healthy-food restaurant franchise. It’s hard for me to imagine this unstoppable woman as homeless with her four kids and relying on agencies to provide her with a food box from St. Mary’s Food Bank and assistance with her utilities. But, after hearing her story, I know it is her infectiously positive outlook on life that kept her going and made her overcome her hardship.

Linda went through some rough times. She recognizes that everything happened to her for a reason, giving her a new confidence to conquer all of the things about herself she may not have liked before.

Two of her kids graduated cum laude from college, one is working successfully with race horses and the other is a senior in high school. And, from talking to Linda, I know she is the inspiration for their tenacity and drive.

Thank you, Linda, for a fantastic morning. You are one of the many reasons I love working at the Food Bank. We do make a difference in people’s lives…every day.


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One response to “An Inspirational Interview

  1. PeteDeno

    What an amazing story! I have had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know Linda and what Cynde has written is dead on about what a inspiration Linda is. We can all learn from her that life is good and you make what you want of it!

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