Heather Mills Donates $1 Million to Food Bank: Extraordinary Person or Extraordinary Publicity Hound?

brought to you by Kara Ritter, St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance Communications Specialist


Heather Mills, the activist, dancing star and ex-wife of Paul McCartney, sang a new tune last week when she gave $1 million of her famed $50 million divorce settlement to the Hunts Point Alliance for Children in the Bronx, N.Y.


The former model donated $1 million worth of veggie burgers, hot dogs and chicken cutlets for a barbeque during a daylong event to promote healthy living and well-being for children. The day included medical screenings and distribution of books and school supplies.


“These children live in the shadows of the biggest food distribution point in the Northeast, yet so many of them will grow up disadvantaged because of poor health,” Mills said on her Web site. “I want to show them that they, like me, can overcome any obstacles in their way. And that fight begins with nutrition and healthy living.”

While Hunts Point is the food distribution center for 30 million people, the neighborhood residents have the city’s worst rates of obesity, education and asthma, in part due to the industrial pollution of the Hunts Point markets. Nearly half the families in Hunts Point live below the poverty level.

Interestingly enough, Mills, dubbed “the most hated woman in Britain” (Yes, Camilla, you have company!) recently had a bit more “bad press” when Donald Trump fired her before she even started on NBC’s “Celebrity Apprentice”. This, after a dragged-out worldwide feud with Paul McCartney in which she likened her paparazzi plot with that of Princess Diana. Let’s face it: Even Barbara Walters didn’t like her…and she found something interesting about Fidel Castro. At this point, she is doing her own publicity in the UK because her own publicist quit when she started playing the tabloid wars.


To many of us, she may look like a typical celebrity milking the situation for the most she can. The $1 million donation tops her Web site and she easily received a certificate of special congressional recognition.


But does that really matter…if you a hungry? If you wake up without breakfast? If you don’t know how lunch will come your way? If, a meatless meat barbeque sounds, well even…delicious?


Whether you believe Heather Mills is doing some tactful defensive publicity work, or honestly wants to sing the praises of a vegan lifestyle that helped heal her leg when antibiotics didn’t work, the subject of genuineness is up to you.


The real question should be is she living the life of an extraordinary person making a difference in this world?


Are you?



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