Bailing Out? What about Feeding and Lifting Up too?

brought to you by Chet Provorse/Food Bank Education Manager


Recently and suddenly our Administration in Washington and Congress have issued dire, extremely dire, announcements that an unfathomable pile of money must be provided to BAIL OUT the financial sector of America. OR ELSE! Arizonans have been presented with assuming the debt and damage in the hundreds of billions of dollars to our financial survival save us form the inept financial risk management, lack of due diligence and seemingly repeated lapses in ethical business practices. The financial stop gaps just passed by the Senate and pending House of Representatives approval may be what’s needed; as painful as they may be as the lesser of many economic evils.

Yet, as our nation move forward out of this morass of “mistakes”, I think those of us involved with fighting food insecurity in America need to raise our hands high and voices loudly to demand the same concern afforded the financially affluent be afforded to the unfed, low-paid, homeless and aging who do not have the luxury of worrying about insurance for their $250,000 bank accounts also have their burdens of poor health care, low pay and inconsistent access to food lifted from their shoulder. 

As we’re Bailing Out, why not lift up too?

With that said, Let’s hear from the Blogosphere. What ways (the more specific the better) we can fight against hunger in our nation and in our local communities during this time of financial instability?

Talk to us. We want to hear from you…




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2 responses to “Bailing Out? What about Feeding and Lifting Up too?

  1. I’d like to see us fight hunger by cutting down on the amount of wasted food. This could happen on many levels of the food chain, from farms to households.

    I’d like to see grocery stores increase their donations to food banks and food recovery agencies. As the economy turns sour, hopefully these stores will realize they are missing out on tax deductions from donating food.

    On a household level, what if every family pledged to have leftover night once a week and donated the amount of food they would have used to their local food bank? Or maybe the dollar value of the food they would have had to purchase.

  2. firstfoodbank

    I love the idea of families pledging to have leftover nights once a week and donating the amount of food they use to a local food bank. Great idea!

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