Vote Ava for the Mermaid Jingle Jam!

votenow_headerChicken of the Sea’s catchy jingle has been around since the 1960s, and since then, people around the world have been singing the famous tune. Now, we need your help to continue to keep the jingle a hit by voting for our local jingle maker, Ava Peeples.

By voting in the Mermaid Jingle Jam for Feeding America, you’ll be helping put seafood into the hands of hungry Americans in the Phoenix Metro Area, as the food bank associated with the grand-prize winner will be awarded $100,000 of Chicken of the Sea seafood!

Click here to vote for her (and you can vote up to 3x a day per email.) Send the word out and help St. Mary’s Food Bank!

Click here:


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One response to “Vote Ava for the Mermaid Jingle Jam!

  1. CMON Phoenix let’s get to VOTING for AVA !!

    The only reason the other teams are ahead is because of all the publicity on the TV they got and their cities got to voting big time !!

    If any of you have TV, radio or publicity connections get on the horn or get on your email and let them know the above link.

    St Mary’s Food Bank # 1

    YOU CAN DO IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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