“Life ain’t FAIR, it’s just there!”

“Life ain’t FAIR, it’s just there!”….”You do it, or it’ll do you!”


by Chet Provorse, St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance Hunger 101 Education Manager

Simple words & powerful thought from a special woman… my Mother, Ruth!

I heard this time and time again growing up.  Usually, I just, blew it off as trite clichés. Fortunately, those words would come to heart when challenges confronted me and my family.  Mom’s words were true fifty years ago and stand today.


No doubt, life has become less and less fair for more and more Americans lately. Little doubt that things will get worse before they get better; even with the planned federal stimulus packages and budget adjustments.

Even less doubt that those in need will increase in number. And, no doubt that more and more Arizonans and Americans across tour country will need to visit food banks and community kitchens in the near future. 


Once again, Life ain’t FAIR, it’s just there!  So let’s do it before it does more to Arizonans. We can start with simple things, locally without waiting for government solutions. If someone’s out of work, let’s see how we can still use their time and talents as volunteers to collect and distribute food to their community, including themselves. If people are encountering money problems, let’s consider how we could provide information and resources to empower their advocacy locally and nationally. If people are becoming socially or professionally isolated, let’s look at ways to help them network for mutual support and mutual moving forward. None of us, provider or receiver of service; can or should wait for a “Bail-Out”!  Waiting wastes time, energy and dignity; none of which can we afford to lose.


So, I challenge each of us to take 5-10 minutes from our next staff meeting, club meeting, faith gathering and teleconference to consider ACTION the possibilities that will cost nothing but time and enrich all of us. Simply,

Let’s do Life before it does us! 


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