The Burrito Project

Geovanni Garcia, 17 years old, senior at North High School is part of the St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance Summer Youth Program. He along another Youth Program participant Carlos Viera, 16 and a senior at Trevor Brown High School, accompanied me in the First Annual Burrito Project at La Tolteca. After the event Geo wrote a blog about his experience:

The Burrito Project
Alright, so today we had an interesting task asked of us. “La Tolteca Mexican Restaurant” asked us, if St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance would assist in helping to feed the community. They had their 1st Annual Burrito Project, which was an event in which the restaurant, along with members of the community, would prepare 3000 burritos in 3 hours. Once the massive quantity of burritos were made, the restaurant would donate them to the local soup kitchens, where they would be distributed to the community.

Over all, it was a very good experience. It feels nice to help other people besides myself, to benefit the unfortunate. It made me feel all warm & fuzzly inside. My new co-worker, Carlos, said, quote, “Every day, it is about yourself. Not today, it was all about others.” Think about it folks, put yourself in the shoes of those who can’t feed themselves or their families. Imagine having to choose between paying your bills or having dinner for the night. What it would feel like if you weren’t sure what the next day would bring; having to live in fear of the idea of starvation. Helping the community, and helping to ensure that the worst would not happen, that was the best part of it for me. To know that those families and children are not going to starve for another night, I can sleep well on that. Through helping out, we showed a great amount of teamwork. Everybody pitched in, proving that when everybody works together, we can accomplish great things.

Guest Blogger:
Geo Garcia

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