American Express donates $30,000 to fill Emergency Food Boxes this summer!

St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance extends sincere thanks to the American Express Charitable Fund for their efforts to “Send Hunger Packing” this summer.

On Friday, June 11, American Express Director of Public Affairs Christa Burkhalter presented St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance President and CEO Terry Shannon with a grant for $30,000 to be used to fill Emergency Food Boxes this summer. The demand for these life-sustaining boxes has doubled in the last two years. St.Mary’s has distributed more than 145,000 boxes in the first five months of 2010.

The gift from American Express will help St. Mary’s ensure that everyone in need of food during the long, hot summer will be able to rely on the food bank for help.

American Express plans to continue its partnership with St. Mary’s by holding a food drive in the fall. Valley companies and organizations like American Express continue to step up and take a stand in the fight against hunger in Arizona, and the Food Bank is extremely appreciative of their awareness and efforts.

Thank you, American Express!



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4 responses to “American Express donates $30,000 to fill Emergency Food Boxes this summer!

  1. Hi, nice post! I really like your post about American Express donates $30,000 to fill Emergency Food Boxes this summer!

    Love the picture!
    Keep the good work!

  2. thanks for your support!!

  3. I personally visited the the Del E Webb Center a few weeks ago. What a first-rate operation! St Mary’s does so much for so many: from Kid’s Cafe, to Kid’s Back Pack Programs and the Emergency Food Box Program. The new Culinary School and Kitchen were amazing to see as well. The list of impressive programs was long as my eyes were wide open to how creative St Mary’s is on how much they give back to the community. I witnessed at least 20 families come to the center within a span of 15 minutes. Each family was handed a box of shelf stable food weighing no less than 25-50lbs, plus an equal amount of fresh produce and dairy. Thank You St Mary’s for giving back so much!


    • Thank you so much for coming out and visiting our facility! We are always so happy to have supporters visit our operation and to see how the support our community needs. Tours are always available for anyone interested: 602-242-FOOD. Again thanks for your support!

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