Phoenix, AZ – As part of its “Random Acts of Caring” program, Rent-A-Center (RAC) is making a donation of $20,000 to St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance to help in the fight against hunger in Arizona.

Local RAC representatives including regional director Israel Beltran will visit St. Mary’s Del E. Webb Distribution Center on Wednesday, Sept. 22 at 9:30 a.m. for a check presentation before volunteering their time to build some of the more than 30,000 Emergency Food Boxes the Food Bank distributes each month.

RAC is donating $250,000 to food banks across the country in September, national Hunger Action Month. This is part of the national Rent-A-Center Soup to Nuts campaign, designed to help food pantries across the nation continue to meet the increasing demand for their services.

Regional food banks are also receiving $20,000 donations in major cities including Atlanta, Lexington, Ky., Kansas City, Mo., Pittsburgh, Shoreline, Wash., (near Seattle), Detroit, Los Angeles, New Orleans, and Washington, D.C. The North Texas Food Bank, located near Rent-A-Center corporate headquarters, received $50,000.

Also during the RAC Soup to Nuts campaign, all 3,000 stores will act as collection points for cans of soup, jars of peanut butter and other canned goods to help local food relief partners such as senior centers, homeless shelters, daycare centers and/or churches. Through national and local partnerships, hunger relief has been an area of involvement for Rent-A-Center since 2002.

“In the midst of this economic downturn, it is critical that we continue our commitment to supporting the communities where our co-workers and customers live through the outstanding work of food banks,” said Mitch Fadel, president and COO of Rent-A-Center. “This effort enables our co-workers to be engaged in a meaningful and important way in supporting our neighbors and our community.”

For more information about St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance, please visit:


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