St. Mary’s Food Bank was heavily damaged during Tuesday’s storm that attacked West Phoenix. The cell of storms that blew through the Valley brought torrential wind, rain and large amounts of golf- and tennis ball-sized hail that damaged both the Del E. Webb Distribution Center and Knight Transportation Center. More than 30 skylights were shattered, causing minor flooding but extensive damage to the food supplies, as well as significant damage to the roof, air conditioners and trucks in the St. Mary’s fleet.

Initial damage estimates are in excess of $200,000 – equaling a potential loss of $1.4 million meals earmarked for the community. About 20 percent of the food inventory at St. Mary’s main facility was lost to water damage, leaving a significant hole in supplies.

Tonight during its 5 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. newscasts, KPHO (Channel 5) is holding a special “Pay It Forward” phone bank where you can help St. Mary’s replenish its inventories and continue to fight hunger in the Valley. Every dollar raised will allow St. Mary’s to replenish seven meals and being the road back to recovery. You can call, make a donation and help the world’s first food bank recover so it can continue its mission to feed the hungry of Arizona.

Please visit to donate in any way that you can! 🙂


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