Tuesday’s storm damaged about 20 percent of St. Mary’s Food Bank’s inventory at the Del E. Webb Distribution Center. While all type of food were affected by the damage, the Food Bank is particularly short of the following items that are critical to our Emergency Food Box distribution and is reaching out to the public for help:

1. Fruit and Vegetable Juices (up to 36 ounces)
2. Bagged Beans (16 oz bags)
3. Peanut butter (12 oz jars)
4. Canned Tomatoes (whole or slices, 15 oz cans)
5. Canned Meals (Chunky Soups, Canned Meats, Chili, Beef-a-Roni, etc.)
6. Canned Green Vegetables (15 oz.)
7. Bagged Rice (15 oz.)

If you are thinking of going out and purchasing items for the Food Bank, remember that St. Mary’s has the ability to turn every dollar donation into a distribution of seven meals. Food donations are gladly accepted, but cash donation are the quickest and most efficient way to help. Visit us at www.firstfoodbank.org or call 602-242-FOOD and help us recover.


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