If Only There Was a Super … DUPER … Citrus Saturday? Orange you glad we’re having one?

A huge “Thank You!” to everyone who donated their gleaned oranges and grapefruits at our Super Citrus Saturday event on Jan. 22. More than 61,000 pounds of citrus was donated, filling the St. Mary’s trucks at three Valley locations and, filling our emergency food boxes this week with fresh fruit for those who really need it.

The response was so overwhelming – and we have taken many calls asking “are you going to have another one?” – that St. Mary’s will have its first-ever

“Super Citrus Saturday II” event – or how about if we call it Super DUPER Citrus Saturday?

Mark Saturday, Feb. 26 on your calendar. Now circle it. Now color the circle orange or yellow. Can’t miss it now, right?

Same times: 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Same places: Central Corridor Location: North Phoenix Baptist Church (Central Avenue and Bethany Home Road)

Arcadia District Location: Shepherd of the Hills United Church of Christ (56th Street and Lafayette)

West Valley Location: St. Mary’s Food Bank Surprise (13050 West Elm Street in Surprise)

Same reason: Not only can we fill our food boxes with citrus, but we can share our bountiful harvests with food banks all over the West Coast – just as they share their surplus of apples, potatoes, bananas and other fresh food with St. Mary’s and Arizona’s hungry.

Our volunteers will be waiting, ready to accept your donations. We’ll have huge collection bins set up, so whatever you fill with citrus for the ride over will be returned to you after it is emptied. Our volunteers are overwhelmed by the number of people who want have their trees gleaned and help the food bank – but we know we will have more requests than our volunteers can possibly fill. That’s where Super Citrus Saturday comes in. We’re in your neighborhood, so drop on by and ruin some roof rat’s day.


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