Join in a unique approach to fund raising through critical thought on Saturday, Mar. 5 when the Flagstaff Rotary Club sponsors a Hunger Banquet at the Coconino Community College/Lone Tree Campus.

All event attendees are randomly seated and served a meal representative of high, middle and lower income areas of the world. In order to create a representation of the world and its distribution of resources, about 70 percent of the attendees will sit on the floor and eat a meager meal of rice and beans. About 20 percent of attendees will be seated in chairs and be served a modest, one-plate meal, while about 10 percent will be seated at fancy tables and receive a lavish, multiple-course meal.

Seem unfair? That’s exactly how things are in the world right now. Join keynote speaker Dr. Loretta Mayer of SenesTech, Inc., and enjoy entertainment provided by the Coconino Community College Art and Theatre Department and the Flagstaff Arts and Leadership Academy. Tickets are $10 each, $20 for a family of up to six members and $5 for students. Proceeds will benefit St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance, Flagstaff Family Food Center and Northern Arizona Food Bank. For more information or to purchase tickets or make a donation, log on to www.flagstaffrotary.org.


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