Charities That Rely on Vehicles Hit Hard by Gas Prices

St. Mary’s Food Bank sends out 40 trucks a day

Updated: Tuesday, 08 Mar 2011, 5:45 PM MST
Published : Tuesday, 08 Mar 2011, 5:45 PM MST

PHOENIX – As gas nears the $3.50 mark, charities are really feeling the pinch — and many don’t have the extra cash to shell out.

St. Mary’s Food Bank is the largest food bank in the U.S. Every single day St. Mary’s sends out 40 trucks to deliver food and pick up donations from grocery stores.

“Our budget usually every year is about a half a million dollars for gasoline, so we spend a lot of money on gasoline,” says Jerry Brown from St. Mary’s Food Bank.

But with gas prices skyrocketing, St. Mary’s is busting through that budget as they drive around the state getting food to those who need it most.

“We are up in the Indian reservation up in the northern corner of state, we’re in Flagstaff, Prescott, and we deliver there everyday, so the number of hungry is rising in those areas. We want to do more in those areas, and gasoline is an incredible expense,” says Brown.

People have to eat, and gas is the only way to get the food there. So what is their plan?

“Well we can’t stop feeding people so we have to keep doing what we do, and we can’t do it any other way than with gasoline.”

Two years ago when gas hit the $4.50 mark, St. Mary’s was spending $70,000 a month on gas. The organization is hoping donations come in to help bridge the gap until there is some relief at the pump.

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