Missing meals: More than 375 million this year in Arizona. Can you help?

Have you ever had to skip a meal, not because you didn’t want to eat, but because you couldn’t afford to? This is called a “missing meal”- a meal that is not provided by yourself, public assistance (food stamps, school meals, etc.) or private sources such as food banks like St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance.

According to Feeding America data released this morning, the more than 1.1 million people living in poverty in Arizona are  “missing meals”. – and 835,000 are people who live in the areas that St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance serves.

That’s 1 in 6 Arizonans who come from all communities, from all age and ethnic groups, and from all fifteen Arizona counties. These are parents who choose to not eat breakfast so that their children can, seniors who cannot afford both life-saving medication and tonight’s dinner, children who show up to school hungry after missing dinner the night before.

St. Mary’s Food Bank fights hunger and battles these staggering statistics each day by distributing more than 275,000 meals around the state. But we need more help – your help – because no deserves to go to bed hungry. For more information about this new study and to find out how you can help fight hunger, visit www.firstfoodbank.org


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