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The Wisconsin Badger Club of Arizona

The Wisconsin Badger Club of Arizona donated checks totaling $500 each to The Sun Cities Salvation Army Corporation and the St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance Westside location on Mar. 5. Additional donations were also made to the Sun City Sunshine Club, Sun City West Helping Hands and the Sun City and Sun City West Visitors Centers. Over the last decade, Badger Club donations to Northwest Valley charitable agency have now exceeded $12,000. For more information on memberships and meetings, call Pat Maier at (623) 583-2218.

Above, Badger Club Membership Chairperson Pat Maier (left) and club president Dick Johnson (right) present checks to Peter Hernandez (second left) and Miles Lugo from St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance.


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Fry’s “Pitch In” Food Drive Benefits Local Food Banks

Fry’s Food Stores is making it easy to help St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance and other food banks in Arizona this summer with an in-store food drive.

From now until July 7, stop into any Fry’s and donate your non-perishable food items at conveniently placed drop-off boxes at the front of the store. Watch for the extra savings in the weekly fliers that will allow you to pick up an extra item or two to drop in the box while shopping the great deals.

For more information, log on to or stop into any Fry’s Food Store.

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Call Your Senators!

phoneThe Senate has not yet completed work on their version of the Economic Recovery Bill. The House did not include any money for The Commodity Supplemental Food Programs (CSFP).

The Commodity Supplemental Food Programs (CSFP) is a Federally funded program, which works to improve the health of low-income pregnant and breastfeeding women, other new mothers up to one year postpartum, infants, children up to age six, and elderly people at least 60 years of age by supplementing their diets with nutritious USDA commodity foods. It provides food and administrative funds to States to supplement the diets of these groups.

This will be our last chance to be included in the bill. Call your Senators right now and ask them to include $30 million for CSFP. We have more seniors that need our program than we can currently provide for.

Call now!!  US Capitol Switchboard – 202-224-3121, ask for your Senators

Thank you!

Your Friends at St. Mary’s Food Bank

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“Life ain’t FAIR, it’s just there!”

“Life ain’t FAIR, it’s just there!”….”You do it, or it’ll do you!”


by Chet Provorse, St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance Hunger 101 Education Manager

Simple words & powerful thought from a special woman… my Mother, Ruth!

I heard this time and time again growing up.  Usually, I just, blew it off as trite clichés. Fortunately, those words would come to heart when challenges confronted me and my family.  Mom’s words were true fifty years ago and stand today.


No doubt, life has become less and less fair for more and more Americans lately. Little doubt that things will get worse before they get better; even with the planned federal stimulus packages and budget adjustments.

Even less doubt that those in need will increase in number. And, no doubt that more and more Arizonans and Americans across tour country will need to visit food banks and community kitchens in the near future. 


Once again, Life ain’t FAIR, it’s just there!  So let’s do it before it does more to Arizonans. We can start with simple things, locally without waiting for government solutions. If someone’s out of work, let’s see how we can still use their time and talents as volunteers to collect and distribute food to their community, including themselves. If people are encountering money problems, let’s consider how we could provide information and resources to empower their advocacy locally and nationally. If people are becoming socially or professionally isolated, let’s look at ways to help them network for mutual support and mutual moving forward. None of us, provider or receiver of service; can or should wait for a “Bail-Out”!  Waiting wastes time, energy and dignity; none of which can we afford to lose.


So, I challenge each of us to take 5-10 minutes from our next staff meeting, club meeting, faith gathering and teleconference to consider ACTION the possibilities that will cost nothing but time and enrich all of us. Simply,

Let’s do Life before it does us! 

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Celebrate Election Day…and Help St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance!

outbackWho thought fighting hunger could just be a “cheers” away?

Well, thanks to the Taste of the NFL and E&J Gallo Winery, local restaurants such as Outback allows proceeds from your wine purchase to be donated to St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance.

Check out:
Try Mirassou Pinot Noir (California) with fresh fruit flavors of pomegranates and cherries balanced with fruit aromas that goes nicely with Rack of Lamb, Grilled Pork Chops or Atlantic Salmon. $6.25/glass or $25/bottle.

Taste Ecco Domani Pinot Grigio (Delle Venezie, Italy) whose clear, straw yellow color has a pleasant floral and tropical fruit aroma. What else would go so well with Boomerang Shrimp! $5.75/glass or $18/bottle.

Remember, proceeds from your wine purchase will be donated to St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance!
Let’s Celebrate the Election and Kick Hunger Today!

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Bailing Out? What about Feeding and Lifting Up too?

brought to you by Chet Provorse/Food Bank Education Manager


Recently and suddenly our Administration in Washington and Congress have issued dire, extremely dire, announcements that an unfathomable pile of money must be provided to BAIL OUT the financial sector of America. OR ELSE! Arizonans have been presented with assuming the debt and damage in the hundreds of billions of dollars to our financial survival save us form the inept financial risk management, lack of due diligence and seemingly repeated lapses in ethical business practices. The financial stop gaps just passed by the Senate and pending House of Representatives approval may be what’s needed; as painful as they may be as the lesser of many economic evils.

Yet, as our nation move forward out of this morass of “mistakes”, I think those of us involved with fighting food insecurity in America need to raise our hands high and voices loudly to demand the same concern afforded the financially affluent be afforded to the unfed, low-paid, homeless and aging who do not have the luxury of worrying about insurance for their $250,000 bank accounts also have their burdens of poor health care, low pay and inconsistent access to food lifted from their shoulder. 

As we’re Bailing Out, why not lift up too?

With that said, Let’s hear from the Blogosphere. What ways (the more specific the better) we can fight against hunger in our nation and in our local communities during this time of financial instability?

Talk to us. We want to hear from you…



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Q&A with Adam

Brought to you by: ~Melody~

I recently sat down with Adam, a staff member at the Food Bank.  Adam has a unique family story.  Check it out below.

Q: How did you hear about the Food Bank and how long have you been here?
A: I applied for a position online.  Pretty simple.  I really enjoy it here.  I come from a long line of stressful job positions.  Not many people know, but I had a mild heart attack in January from job stress.  So I wanted to do something worthwhile.  I didn’t want to be in the corporate world anymore; I wanted to make a difference.  So I’ve been here since March 2008.


Q: Tell me about your family.
A: Let’s see.  I have been married for eleven years.  My wife had three children when I first met her.  I adopted her children, and we had three children after that.  All three were born with autism.  In November 2007, we adopted a little girl.  She was post-tox for meth; she was basically born with meth in her system.  This little girl was my wife’s cousin’s daughter.  In late July of this year we got a call from the State of Alabama saying that my wife’s other cousin’s children were taken into foster care.  They were found at a crack house.  It was either we take them or they get lost in the foster care system. 


Q: How are the kids doing now?
A: Good.  They’re transitioning well.  It’s always busy at the house.  My wife home schools all of the kids.

Q: So she’s got a full load?
A: (Laughing) Oh yes.  Everyone always asks me where we put all the kids.  I have a six-bedroom, three-bathroom house, so we have plenty of room.

Q: Has raising such a large family been a struggle?
A: It’s been a struggle in the sense of keeping everyone happy. We have special needs children, so it’s always pretty difficult.  Something that’s not a struggle is food.  A lot of people think that’s a struggle, but we don’t receive any food benefits from the state.  My wife plans meals very well, does a lot of crock-pot meals and finds sales.

Clothing wise, we have teenage girls, so they want the latest stuff.  A couple of the older girls have jobs, so they buy a lot of their own things.  We’ve taught them to work for what you want.  For the most part, we hit up thrift stores.  My wife used to run an online resale-clothing store.  But she only did high-end clothing.  She’d go into all the thrift stores and pick out the high-end items.  So the kids never look like they’re underdressed.

Q: What are your kids names and ages?
A:Christian, girl, 18, born on Christmas day
Taylor, girl, 17
Jonas, boy, 14
Brittany, girl, 12
Emily, girl, 8
Corey, boy, 7
Bryleigh, girl, 5
Elayna, girl, 4
Paige, girl, 2 almost 3
Bradley, boy, 2

Q: Is that all?
A: Let me see.  I hope so!  (Laughing).

Q: Did you and your wife plan on having a large family?
A: Yes.  I have seven brothers and sisters, but they’re all much younger.  So I grew up almost as an only child.  My wife has a brother and sister, but they’re younger too.  She knew growing up that she wanted to be a mom and have a lot of kids. 

Q: Do you plan on having more kids?
A: Well, my wife was six months pregnant with Paige, and we were at the Utah county fair.  We went on a wagon ride pulled by two Clydesdale horses.  They got spooked and took off full speed.  For those that don’t know about Clydesdales, they can go full force running pulling 10,000 pounds each.  My wife jumped from the cart and developed a blood clot from it.  She ended up almost dying while giving birth to Paige, so the doctors advised her to not have any more children.  We were sad about it because we wanted to have a big family.  She always wanted ten kids, so it’s funny how everything fell into place.


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