How You can Help

Interested in supporting a worthwhile, established charity?  Consider these ways:

Participate in a public food drive or hold your own.

Click here to learn about food drives.  Check this page each month for an updated list of public food drives taking place around the community.  Or consider holding a food drive of your own at work, the gym, church, or school.  Contact us at or (602) 343-3173.

Have a fund drive at your workplace, gym, church, or school.

It can be as easy as putting out a jar for customers or dedicating a day to the Food Bank and donating a percentage of your profits.  Be creative!  Raising money for the Food Bank helps us run our every day operations; every one dollar enables us to distribute enough food for seven meals.

Host a Hunger 101 Hunger Banquet.

Invite clients, customers, neighbors, and friends to your business or home for a powerful, comprehensive presentation of the issues of hunger and poverty. Click here to learn more about Hunger 101 or contact us at or (602) 343-3169.

Volunteer time as an individual or family.

Volunteers are vital to the organization, supporting the Food Bank in sorting, boxing and bagging food, as well as providing administrative and fundraising support.  Click here to learn more or contact us at or (602) 343-3128.

Make a monetary donation.

Click here to make a gift of support to help the neediest in our community.  By donating your tax refund to help the Food Bank, you may qualify for a dollar-for-dollar state tax credit.  Or call us at (602) 352-3640 to make a donation with your credit card.

Have questions?

Contact us!  We’d love to hear from you, so email us at


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