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This is one unique love story.

Brought to you by: ~Melody~

Sue Kaplan, Executive Assistant to the Food Bank’s President and CEO, and Don Anderson, the Food Bank’s Facilities Manager, share a love for the Food Bank’s mission that’s obvious to everyone they come in contact with.

These two lovebirds met while working at the Food Bank and recently got hitched at our 31st Avenue location.  Rather than register for presents, the two asked their wedding guests to volunteer their time by packing Emergency Food Boxes.

KPHO CBS 5 featured them in a clip.  Check out Love, Romance Prevail in Food Bank Wedding.

I promise you’ll fall in love with Sue and Don.


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Horton hears a hot dog

Brought to you by: ~Melody~

The Food Bank was featured on KPHO CBS 5’s weather report with meteorologist Paul Horton as part of Big Surf’s Waterworld Safari summer ticket and hot dog giveaway. Through the kindness of an anonymous person, the Food Bank was entered into a drawing to win 50 Waterworld Safari tickets for Food Bank employees.  Which means 50 lucky employees got to enjoy the waterpark, and I got to enjoy making up cheers for hot dogs with Paul Horton.

Thank you to KPHO CBS 5 and Big Surf Waterworld Safari for the tickets…and the hot dog.

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