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The 2008 Student Food Drive Update…Corona del Sol Raises the Stakes!


The 2008 Student Food Drive is ending this week and all the participating schools are all doing an exceptional job this year. This year we have introduced The John Van Hengel Memorial Cup to be awarded on October 18th to the winning school at the U.S. Airways Center during the first intermission of the Roadrunners hockey game. The cup will be engraved with the winning school’s name and the names of the students who participated from that school. The trophy will also reside with the winning school for the current school year.


The stakes between these schools are getting high and St. Mary’s Food Bank has it on good authority that one school below is offering up extra credit for donations.

  • Mountain Ridge High School -Glendale
  • Ironwood High School -Glendale
  • Cactus High School -Glendale
  • Apollo High School-Glendale
  • Sandra Day O’Conner High School-Glendale
  • Centennial High School-Peoria
  • Corona Del Sol High School-Tempe
  • Marcos De Niza High School-Tempe
  • Sunnyslope High School-Phoenix


Who? Well, if you are lucky enough to be in Mr. Price’s English Class at Corona del Sol High School, you can receive up to 5 points of extra credit (participation) for donations.  Students can now earn one point per item donated, up to a maximum of 5 points with the deadline being Friday. 


Remember: Items most in need are peanut butter, rice and pasta, canned soups, tuna, fruit juice, and canned vegetables and fruits.


To find out the 2008 Student Food Drive winner, come out to the Roadrunner Hockey Game this Saturday.  For information on tickets, visit http://www.phxroadrunners.com.



–p.s. In addition to the cup, U.S. Airways has donated $1,500 in travel cards for the top three schools and a special award of $1,500 travel card to one student to be selected through an essay contest. Chipotle and Subway have also donated terrific food prizes for the second and third place schools. 

Who will win? STAY TUNED!!!!


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Game on for the Student Food Drive!

Brought to you by: ~Melody~

Last year students from Phoenix area high schools collected 124,000 pounds of nonperishable food items for the Food Bank during the national Student Food Drive (SFD). 

This year’s SFD promises to be even more successful as the winning school will be awarded the Food Bank’s Van Hengel Cup at a Phoenix RoadRunner’s hockey game and a chance to receive prizes from US Airways when the drive ends in October.  Named in honor of Food Bank founder John van Hengel, the Van Hengel Cup will reside with the winning school until next year’s SFD.

Last night was the kick-off event for the SFD.  Rocky the RoadRunner joined us, along with last year’s winning school, Mountain Ridge High.  Check out the news coverage on 3TV

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