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Special Super Bowl Pizza Deal

15% of Profits from Game Day Promotion
Aids St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance

pizzaIn order to help celebrate the Arizona Cardinals making it to the 2009 Super Bowl and give back to the Phoenix community in a time of great need, Streets of New York restaurants will be offering a “Big Red Special” for Cardinal fans to enjoy throughout Super Bowl weekend.

A portion of the proceeds earned from the sale of the “Big Red Special” will be donated to Phoenix-based St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance. The monetary contribution is desperately needed by the Food Bank as the demand for food has increased by 64% over the last two months, while food donations have increased by only 40%.


“The Big Red Special”  available now  through February 1st, is a feast of two  one-topping16-inch pizzas  and 24 hot wings, for just $35. This special deal for Valley residents provides a savings of more than $13 and an opportunity to help the largest Valley food bank. “The Big Red Special” will be available for pick-up, carry-out and delivery.  For more information, visit Streets of New York Web site at

“The community always truly steps up and supports St. Mary’s Food Bank, and we at St. Mary’s are so pleased about what it means for the community to have the Cardinals going to the Super Bowl,” said Terry Shannon, the Food Bank’s president and CEO. “Partnerships like this one are wonderful – especially now as we work with so many of our neighbors who need help.”


“We are so excited to see the success of the Cardinals this year,” says Rick Peterson, Chief Operating Officer of Streets of New York.  “Clearly, the Cardinals are making history right now and we wanted to do something special to help show our support and give back to the community at the same time.”


About Streets of New York

Streets of New York is a family-owned restaurant group which started with a single Phoenix location in 1976.  Now boasting more than 29 Phoenix-area restaurants, Streets of New York has built its reputation on consistently serving food prepared with the highest quality and freshest ingredients.  Over the years, Streets of New York guests have come to enjoy its authentic New York pizza, pasta, calzones, salads and subs.  Web:


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Marketers For Food…Recession-Buster for Small Businesses

Want some answers to your burning marketing questions? Ask the experts and donate much-needed canned food items to benefit St. Mary's Food Bank Alliance

Want some answers to your burning marketing questions? Ask the experts and donate much-needed canned food items to benefit St. Mary's Food Bank Alliance

“Recession-Buster for Small Business Workshop”
The event is this coming Monday Jan. 26th, registration begins at 5:30 p.m., and the workshop is from 6 to 8 pm at the Phoenix Main Library at 1221 N. Central Ave. Entry is free with a non-perishable food donation to St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance (minimum 5 cans). Attendees should RSVP at

For more, visit the YouTube clip on Marketers for Food here:

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Drop Some Pounds…On the Scale & The Food Bank

STS Food Drive

scott_hmScott Keppel has found a way to ring  in the New Year and make your weight-loss resolutions fun. (More on weight-loss programs from St. Mary’s Food Bank….next week!) For now, check this out!

 Scott’s Training Systems is hosting a Food Drive to benefit the St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance. Donate to this worthy cause and receive your choice of a free 30-minute training session or consultation.

  • Where: Items can be donated at both STS studios located in Mesa & Tempe
  • When: Donations will be accepted through Feb. 15th.
  • Suggested Items: Peanut Butter, Tuna, Canned Vegetables/Fruit, Rice, Pasta, Beans. Any non-perishable items. No glass please.
Scott wants you to do something (anything) …to help out the community. Volunteer, donate, learn and be informed because if you’re in our house right now and have food in your fridge, you are more fortunate than 80% of rest of the world (80% of the world lives in extreme poverty).Many of us are very lucky to have been born into a situation that gave us a head start (shelter, food, education, etc.) There are a lot of good people out there that need a hand to get back to living with an elevated Quality of Life. Please take this opportunity to not only help those less fortunate with your donation, but also take advantage of your FREE workout and make a difference in your own life. 
  St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance, the world’s first food bank, is a non-sectarian, nonprofit organization that alleviates hunger by efficiently gathering and distributing food to sites that serve the hungry. Serving 13 of Arizona’s 15 counties, the organization is committed to volunteerism, building community relationships and improving the quality of life for Arizonans in need. 
What is a Food Bank Volunteer? Volunteers give generously of their time, raising awareness of the realities of hunger and poverty. Volunteers are essential to Food Bank operations, supporting the organization in sorting, boxing and bagging food, as well as providing administrative and fundraising support.
Want to learn more about volunteering? Contact or (602) 343-3128.

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Giving With Gumballs…


St. Mary's Food Bank Alliance CEO Terry Shannon and Bob Mahoney, ON Semiconductor Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing and the gumball machine plaque.

St. Mary's Food Bank Alliance CEO Terry Shannon and Bob Mahoney, ON Semiconductor Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing and the gumball machine plaque.

by Kara Fort, Communications Specialist at St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance


People often wonder how they can make a difference for our food bank. Here’s a perfect example of how ON Semiconductor decided to get creative about giving.



At ON Semiconductor in Phoenix…there is a 7-foot tall green gumball machine designed to look like a vintage filling station gas pump standing in the main hallway at ON Semiconductor’s headquarters. Not your typical corporate hallway décor to be sure. This kitschy looking vending machine was originally purchased on eBay for use at a company automotive electronics tradeshow booth. At the conference, the gumball machine was a big hit – dispensing green gumballs akin to the ON Semiconductor logo. Several of the automotive enthusiasts who visited the ON Semiconductor booth offered to buy the gumball machine outright. No go! The odd amenity was shipped back to Arizona. Rather than store it away, it found a new home in the main hallway near a display promoting the company’s automotive products.


“When we put it in the hallway I figured the gumballs would get hard enough to break someone’s tooth long before we would ever have to refill the machine,” said Anne Spitza, the corporate communications manager who’d enlisted the machine for the tradeshow. “Yet every couple weeks I noticed the gumballs were dwindling. I got a call one day from the facilities department saying the gumball machine was jammed. We opened it up and discovered it was backed up with quarters. A lot of quarters. That was when we realized the machine would annually generate enough money to donate to a good cause.

DoDie Hernandez from ON Semiconductor’s Sales and Marketing team had been coordinating employee volunteer groups for St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance so we were well aware of the organizations contribution to the community. Donating the ‘gumball money’ – as we’d come to call it – to the food bank made good sense. Certainly, the machine’s become an example that every little bit not only counts… but adds up.”


How much does it add up? ON Semiconductor was able to give St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance a check of$778.87 which will go towards delivering 5,446 meals into the community.

THANK YOU………..ON Semiconductor!

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“Life ain’t FAIR, it’s just there!”

“Life ain’t FAIR, it’s just there!”….”You do it, or it’ll do you!”


by Chet Provorse, St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance Hunger 101 Education Manager

Simple words & powerful thought from a special woman… my Mother, Ruth!

I heard this time and time again growing up.  Usually, I just, blew it off as trite clichés. Fortunately, those words would come to heart when challenges confronted me and my family.  Mom’s words were true fifty years ago and stand today.


No doubt, life has become less and less fair for more and more Americans lately. Little doubt that things will get worse before they get better; even with the planned federal stimulus packages and budget adjustments.

Even less doubt that those in need will increase in number. And, no doubt that more and more Arizonans and Americans across tour country will need to visit food banks and community kitchens in the near future. 


Once again, Life ain’t FAIR, it’s just there!  So let’s do it before it does more to Arizonans. We can start with simple things, locally without waiting for government solutions. If someone’s out of work, let’s see how we can still use their time and talents as volunteers to collect and distribute food to their community, including themselves. If people are encountering money problems, let’s consider how we could provide information and resources to empower their advocacy locally and nationally. If people are becoming socially or professionally isolated, let’s look at ways to help them network for mutual support and mutual moving forward. None of us, provider or receiver of service; can or should wait for a “Bail-Out”!  Waiting wastes time, energy and dignity; none of which can we afford to lose.


So, I challenge each of us to take 5-10 minutes from our next staff meeting, club meeting, faith gathering and teleconference to consider ACTION the possibilities that will cost nothing but time and enrich all of us. Simply,

Let’s do Life before it does us! 

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