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Playing Reporter for the Morning

Brought to you by: Cynde C.

We decided a couple of months ago that we needed a St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance video and maybe some mpegs for the Web site in the future.  So, we began our first day of filming with our production crew on July 29.  And, I got to be reporter for the morning.

While one of the cameramen followed our agencies through the shopping process, I found agency members to interview in front of our other camera.  It was a great morning, meeting so many dedicated men and women.  I liked playing reporter and asking them about their agency and what they did.  Eyes would light up when they explained their mission and how the Food Bank helped them achieve that mission.

Being on the other side of the camera was a nice change for me.  I enjoyed hearing about the Food Bank from another perspective.  It was a nice reminder, after being in the middle of it everday, that we really make a huge difference in the lives of many people with our food.  It was a great morning!


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